STORM 3 Polishing Head

Polishing/Calibrating head with multipurpose attachment for all kinds and models of multi-head and single-head polishing machines.
They are bought not only by end users but by lots of machine manufacturers all over the world as well.
The main advantages of these heads are:
1) The internal design has much fewer parts than the old heads. Its system (international patent for COMES’ Storm) for driving the swinging arm, using a differently-sloping cogged gear (instead of cams), avoids any clearance that could prevent the arms swinging evenly and consistently in both directions (as opposed to cam-based systems); such accuracy also prevents consumables (diamonds and abrasives) wearing out unevenly, thereby saving money and delivering excellent polishing results.
2) Easy, cheap maintenance. Fewer parts, a simple design and the fact that one half, if not actually just over one half, of them are commercial parts, so they can be found at any retailer or specialist shop all over the world, will save time and money (parts without a code next to the exploded view in the manual are commercial parts).
3) Flexibility and adaptability of the head, even on flawed surfaces once cut (for granite) or once baked (for ceramics) or specially corrugated (for ceramics, special engravings are provided in the moulds). This is because of the 12 heavy-duty steel ‘springs’ (see exploded view, part no. 69) that make the head extremely flexible as well as equally effective and powerful on surfaces that need to be gauged or polished.
4) All mechanical parts are lubricated by just one type of lubricant. They use either grease type 00 or oil, as shown in the list we provide or as written on a table on the head.

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