DAMP Calibrating Head

The DAMP is a special satellite head with 5 or 6 abrasive tools used to hone/lap even tiles of different size. It consists of a revolving casing in spheroid graphite cast iron, equipped with 5 or 6 grindstones which are secured to special corrosion-proof rests. The internal gears, bearings and all other mechanisms are soaked in an oil bath, with long-life, heat-proof seals. The motor drive provides the working force. The fixed flange must only withhold the torque reaction, without having to be rigidly fastened to the machine body. distinctive feature of these heads is the special internal vibration damper system that polishes the tile evenly, even when the surface is particularly bent. In addition, the shafts can be angled away from the axis of rotation of the head, to make it easier for the abrasive grindstone to remove and finish the material during the process. The head should be installed on honing machines provided with a backpressure feature.

Technical specifications of the DAMP
Number of satellites No. 5/6
Max power kW 15
Min head revolving speed revs/min. 400
Max head revolving speed revs/min. 600
Abrasive grindstone max diam. mm 150
Amount of lubricant l 9.3/9.2
Weight with lubricant Kg 100/102
Max honing diameter mm 460

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