MIX Calibrating Head

The MIX head is a revolution in the mechanics of polishing heads, as it has 3 satellites and 3 fickert arms that work on the surface all at the same time .
Such mechanism has been designed to respond to 2 problems that may occur when polishing granite:
1 – The deep marks left on the surface by the satellite heads in the first few stations of the polishing machines.
2 – The need to use several stations after the calibrating heads, with diamond tools on fickert heads, to the detriment of the finish.
The MIX head, with its 3 satellites and 3 flickert units:
a) remarkably reduces the section of the material, even at zero pressure, thus acting as a veritable calibrating head.
b) its 3 flickert units, despite calibrating at the same time as the satellites, act as limit switches for the satellites, thus removing the marks left by the aggression of the satellite tools and helping achieve excellent levelling results.
c) as a consequence, because the material is so well levelled out and free of any of the usual deep marks, diamond consumption on the next stations is optimised, so fewer flickert type heads need to be used and the material is already finished by the consumable abrasives. Which, of course, adds value to the material.

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